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RE: Puzzling lack of F8

Harry, have you tried loading the original out-of-the-box Xy keyboard 
file? (I can send you a copy if you don't have one.)

Judith Davidsen wrote:

You're right, we're working from different kbd files. I just found a little laminated function key reminder card that--I think--came with XY3. One side says F8 is formatted view, the other says F8 is Move.

It came with Xy 4; one side is the Xy4 CUA (common user something
beginning with A; application interface?), the other is the old Xy 3:
the formatted view one is CUA. By the by, at one time I had a file for
re-creating this template, though I had to use WordPerfect to get the
color print (hmm, wonder if TYP would let me do it natively in Xy?)
Anyway, if anyone would like it I could rummage around in my 550 backup
CDs and see if I can find it.

Judith also said:


Sound as if one of two things is off: 1) your SETTINGS.DFL is not correctly pointing to the location of your screenfonts. Mine reads like this:

; Location of outline screen fonts
; Location of SCRFONTS.BIN

See where your BTFONTS directory is and make sure it's accurately referenced in SETTINGS.dfl.

2) You don't have a printer driver loaded. But I think not, because IIRC the error message then is something like "No printer file loaded."

Patricia M. Godfrey