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Re: re xywindows envelope printing

>You have to set the printer setup to landscape instead of portrait in your
>windoz printer setup, I think. Don't use xywin, but I know I've had to do
>that with stuff in the computer lab -- windoz is too brain-dead to take the
>command from the printer driver in the app the way it should, you have to
>manually do it each time, then set it back to portrait for other stuff.
>That's my experience, at least. Other OS don't have that problem. 8-)
> >-- >Harmon Seaver

I don't think so--see the XyWin manual page 3-13. You simply
select the text you want printed, then choose Print envelope
from the File menu, and highlight the envelope size you are
using, also the paper tray. If your printer doesn't have a
separate envelope feeder, but the printer driver expects one,
that may be the problem.

Even Nota Bene in brain-dead DOS can handle this without a
flicker-- has since version ??? But the printer driver and the
physical configuration of the printer have to agree. A cheap
deskjet can churn out envelopes flawlessly but a dot matrix has
to be pampered and adjusted to get a halfway decent address
print (the reason so many typewriters are still on so many
corner tables).

Dorothy Day, Indiana University SLIS