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XYDOS Enhancements--Download

Tim Baehr's prize for his contest, a package containing his
enhanced menus, dialogs, etc., for XYDOS 4, is available for
downloading via anonymous FTP from the list server. It is a
binary file named ENHANCE.ZIP, roughly 260K.

It contains a much enhanced set of menus. For instance, hitting
Reopen in the File menu presents you with a list of files
previously open so you can reopen any one you want.  New options
include kerning, dropped and raised caps, and counting
characters as you type. There are 19 new commands, entered
directly from the command line, including one that zips the
current file, one that displays size and other information on
the current file, and two that jump directly to the beginning
and end of selected files. There are also a couple of enhanced
function calls and an enhanced keyboard that lets you use key
combinations rather than the menu for special features.

You can try these features without installing the new files, and
you can install the ones you want. Note my query to Tim on
omitting the keyboard, posted just after this.

When you get ENHANCE.ZIP, unzip and consult the file
!README.1ST. For full documentation, see ENHANCE.DOX.

-- Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-3325