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Re: Vista hardware


I bought an Acer tower with XP on it; I told the store I wanted the HD
reformated to take Linux; that is, XP off, just enough drivers installed
so the boot loader recognized its own CD-ROM drive. They kindly did so,
but charged me for the work.

In case anyone chooses to go down another road, I recently installed
virtual pc v.7.0.1 on my Mac G4 running OS X. I chose to install virtual
w2k because I'm familiar with w2k, but you can install most any virtual
Windon't version including XP. This is far and away the best of the
three solutions I have tried on the Mac (I gave up on DOSBox and
iEmulator). The keyboard file loads and functions without errors
(neither DOSBox nor iEmulator did). The screen driver also loads and
functions exactly as on my real w2k machine. Screen fonts are as good as
on my w2k machine, allowing for the difference between my large Benq LCD
monitor on the tower and the smaller laptop monitor. I can't say whether
printing works from virtual w2k as I don't use Xy to print. The virtual
one is slower scrolling through long files by half, but it is as fast as
I can type on the laptop keyboard. If anyone is considering buying new
hardware anyway, Xy will run on Macs with virtual pc, and you can choose
your Windon't version.