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Re: New kid

In <199701071651.LAA17270@xxxxxxxx>, on 01/07/97 at 11:51 AM,
  Mark Garvey  said:

>This is my first post to the Xywrite discussion list. I looked through the
>index from the listserver and didn't see an FAQ file, so I apologize if my
>questions are on topics that have already been covered.

>I am working in Xywrite III Plus, and I have two questions. 1) I typically
>work with all windows enabled and am constantly opening and shutting files
>as I work. I would sometimes like Xywrite to stop me if I attempt to open
>a file that is already open in another window. Is there a variable that
Do you have a positive reason for not switching to 4? It has a warning when
you switch to an already open file and offers a choice of going there or
opening it again in read-only status, or canceling altogether.  4 has lots
of advantages over III+, with the only drawback being conversion
costs--which can be minor or major depending. But if you're sticking with
III+ you could certainly write a program that always intercepted the command
line (you ought to be using Holmgren's stack program anyway) and, if it is
an CA or EDIT command checks it against the list of open files. Not sure it
would be worth it. (you'd have to append a default path to the intercepted
filename, convert case, etc.)

David Auerbach