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Obsolescence? - we're being had!

                         Michael Edwards.

[Rene von Rentzell, quoting Steve Carter.]

>> Appliance giant Maytag announced on January 14 that it has teamed
>>with Microsoft
>> to create 'smart appliances' based on the fuzzy Universal Plug and
>>Play standard
>> proposed last year. This follows earlier announced plans from Sun
>> to create similar networked home appliances with Sears and
>>Whirlpool, among
>> others.
>Does that mean we can look forward to buying yearly upgrades to washing
>washing machines and fridges, complete with a number of surprising

   Pardon my naivety, but I thought fridges were for keeping food cold or
frozen, and washing machines for washing clothes. The way you do those things
doesn't keep changing every year.
   If we fall for that, I think we're being had!

             Michael Edwards.