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Re: Using XyWrite with XP OS

** Reply to message from Harry Binswanger  on Sun, 04 Sep 2005
22:35:47 -0400

> > As I normally work in windowed mode all the time (thanks to the Sieber
> > fonts,
> I forget if that's what I'm using. I think not because right-clicking on
> the title bar and then looking at Properties/Font I see I have Lucida
> Console, 10x16. That wouldn't be Sieber, would it?

No. That's the Unicode font distributed with NT for use in console windows.
Sieber's fonts are raster fonts. You'd select "Raster Fonts" (instead of
"Lucida"), and then try to find his fonts (assuming they are installed) based
on their size (rots of ruck! this is an incredibly weak way to select a font,
especially when you have more than one utilizing the same size). Manuel and I
have been patching [changing] the internal names of these fonts so that they
can be identified via the "Selected Font:" name down near the bottom of the
Font dialog box -- almost all of these raster fonts use "Terminal" as their
internal name, instead of using a unique name -- a really STUPID move by M$)

Robert Holmgren