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line feed versus carriage return

Howdy all,

One of the first things I had done many years ago to customize Xywrite 3.55
was to create an alternative carriage return. When hitting the enter key you
normally get a hard return in conjunction with paragraph indents. I had set
up the alternative carriage return using the shift-enter key combinationm,
which gave me a hard return without any indents.

In changing to a new printer recently, I replaced my printer driver file. I
had thought I had transferred over all of my customizations from the old
printer driver file into the new one, but have now found that the
alternative carriage return no longer works.

I had learned this little trick from Herb Tyson's "Xywrite Revealed," which
I unfortunately no longer have access to. My memory is that it was simply
and easy to do, but I can't remember what the trick was. Nor can I find it
in my old printer drive file, my startup.int file, or my keyboard file. The
keyboard file has the line feed character, ASCII character #10, assigned to
the shift-enter key, but when I hit this combination now all that happens is
the text insertion of ASCII character 17. No hard carriage return is
inserted, however.

Does any know how to reactivate this function?


Bob Zimmerman
13909 Briarwood Drive, #323
Laurel, Maryland 20708