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RE: printing & pasting weirdies

Can't suggest anything on the first two topics, but try adding a backslash
at the end of your path specification in order to avoid the "zero file"
result. This appears to be an uncorrected bug in XyWin.

I have a perhaps related problem in my office WinNT 4.0 system: For some
(but not all) subdirectories, I cannot get a directory listing in XyWin v.
4.13 for the subdirectory from any higher directory in the tree. If, for
example, I am in the "d:\archives" directory and enter "dir 1997" I get a
display on the screen of the underline that normally ends a directory
display, underneath which is displayed "0 files", "0 characters", and the
free space. If I enter "dir 1997\" (or "dir 1997/") I get no display and
"File not found" on the comment line. Has anyone else had such a problem,
and if so is there a solution?


Paul Ambos

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> From:	[R. E. Stannard Jr.] [SMTP:stannard@xxxxxxxx]
> Sent:	Saturday, January 22, 2000 2:38 PM
> To:	XYWRITE: Xywrite Word Processor for Dos & Windows
> Subject:	printing & pasting weirdies
> I'm a die-hard XYWriter (veteran of 3.1, Signature, XY4 & now XYWin) but
> no power user -- more of the 97-lb-weakling class and get a lot of sand
> kicked in my face...
> Over the years, as I've escalated from Spark laptop to ZeosDT to CNJII
> laptop to Promax Pentium DT [and begun swinging between Okilaser 400 &
> HPDeskJet712C], my XYWrite has come along nicely but developed some
> twitches and nervous tics.
> 1. On both printers a straight PRINT command will do the first page fine,
> then switch the letters on all subsequent pages to a deep gray screen that
> is hard to read and excruciatingly slow to print, of course.
> 2. Printing one page at a time (print ,1-1, ... print ,2-2, ... etc.)
> gives normal copy, but see next entry.
> 3. Sometimes when printing a page at a time, the first will print, but all
> subsequent efforts to print one or more pages will show "Done" on the
> message line -- without doing anything. That applies even to making
> another first page. I've sometimes gotten around by cutting & pasting to
> another file first.
> 4. Today I succeeded in printing the undone "done" pages by highlighting
> them and doing a "print" command (followed by typing "yes" to query
> whether it should print selected copy)
> Any ideas what's goosing the printers, or where I should look?
> I do most of my e-mail in PINE, not on a browser. From time to time I like
> to cut & paste stuff into a file, preferably XYWrite. BUT:
> XYWrite gags and goes catatonic if I cut & paste anything larger than five
> lines -- about 50 words. It freezes the whole system -- no cursor
> movement, no scrolling, no keyboard response, nada...-- and I have to do a
> control-alternate-delete and end the program, which shuts down Xywrite.
> I can cut and paste whole screens to Word (a sandkicker I dislike) or
> the Windows notepad without a hitch.
> Once in notepad and saved as text, XYWrite will open it handily or take a
> normal movement command like Control-C or Control-M. But it won't swallow
> more than a teaspoon of Windows paste.
> Any ideas on that? I'd like to be able to select paragraphs on the fly and
> pop them directly into my long-established XY files.
> Oh, one more question: DIRECTORY DISPLAY
> Isn't it usually enough to show any subdirectory below the one you are in
> by simply typing, after the "dir" command, the remainder of the path below
> that level? I get the full directory for subdirectories one step down,
> but below that it displays the directory as empty of any files.
> [If I type in the ENTIRE path from C: downward, then I do get the regular
> display, but I shouldn't have to start back at the top, should I, if
> the desired subdirectory is subordinate to the subdirectory I'm in?]
> Any explanations?
> 	Thanks,  Ted Stannard
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