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Re: Xy5 progress--and a query for you

> ...features of Nota Bene 12...
> Editing; Formatting; Headers and
> Footers; Footnotes and Endnotes;
> Styles; Numbering; Spell Check;
> Printing; Customization and Programming (= XPL)
> Manuscript Files; Tables and Columns;
> Frameworks and Outlines;
> Academic Styles; Math Functions;
> Images/Objects and Frames; Index and
> Table of Contents; Orbis; Ibidem; Ibid
> Plus; Lingua; Archiva

Columns (parallel and snaking), Index, and Table of Contents have been parts of XyWrite
at least back to version II or II+, so they are probably part of the core code. Taking
them out may be harder than upgrading the code. Outlines came considerably later, but
many people find them (in their collapsible form) very helpful for organization and
perspective with longer documents.