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Re: Stack; Abnormal termination of MeNu frames; the Escape key

** Reply to message from "M.C."  on Mon, 12 Jan 2004 12:36:06

> M.C. wrote:

>> Robert,
>> I have detected a new problem, after changing my XyWrite configuration.
>> A feature I use very often is the possibility of restoring a logged
>> session (Ctrl-L). But, now, if I attempt to use this feature, I get
>> nothing (attempting to restore a logged session) or a program crash
>> (attempting to log my current session), even without any typing mistake
>> (Enter instead of Shif-Enter) on my part. If possible, please attempt to
>> reproduce this behaviour.
>> Best regards,
>> Manuel Castelao

> Just a correction: when I attempt to restore a logged session I obtain a
> number of empty windows equal to the number of files referred in the
> logged session (it's not exactly the same as "nothing").
> Manuel Castelao

I have never used the Log/Restore feature before. I just tried it, for the
very first time, and it worked flawlessly. I can't imagine what possible
bearing KBD file changes would have on anything. What "changes" to your
XyWrite configuration are you referring to?

One thing I notice is that the procedure is very sloppy about memory; it
initializes 63 permanent Save/Gets and leaves 1,163 bytes of memory committed,
without clearing any memory out when it terminates, which is ridiculous. Along
with the overhead of the routines themselves, we're talking an additional 3Kb+.
Not a whole lot, but ... a byte here, a byte there, and pretty soon you're
talking about real memory... These menus are utterly spendthrift in their
management of memory.

I did not launch this routine with Ctrl-L -- I don't even know what that is.
You need to mention these things. What is your assignment on Ctrl-L?  Resume?
If I command "RESUME ?D", again it works flawlessly.

You have to do some analysis of your input/output. What does your *.RST file
look like after you save your session? Is it a valid program, with references
to the files you had open? This will help you determine whether the error is
on the save side or the restore side...

Have you tried Carl's SAVESESS? It does the same things (and more, otherwise
it wouldn't exist).

Robert Holmgren