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Adriano is very gracious in his consideration for us Anglophone
subscribers to XyWrite. But I would prefer to see subscribers write in the
language in which they are most comfortable--including Italian. In Europe
it is usually the custom to write a foreigner in your own language--and
accept your correspondent's right to do the same.

Concurring with Robert Holmgren, however, one could say that this list,
based in Philadelphia, adopts English as its unofficial language. But
I'll only side with him in this case if he promises to use the local
language when addressing lists based in other countries.

On the other hand, he knows XPL so well that I guess I'd even cut him some
slack there...

Carlo Caballero


Musicians and pancakes... it's no coincidence:

1. "'The day before the concert we agreed to meet at Sibor's in the
morning for the rehearsal--Ysaye and Sibor had often met abroad and knew
each other well. After the rehearsal Sibor treated us to the traditional
blini (pancakes) because it happened to be the Russian carnival.
   "'We did not waste the time rehearsing: Ysaye saw that he had an
experienced musician to deal with and was eager to have stopped playing
and start discussing the pancakes.'"
	--Ginzburg, "Eugene Ysaye" (1980)

2. "Providing I have some flour and so forth, I can make some pancakes."
	--Dennis Brain, interview, 13 August 1956

Carlo Caballero
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