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I found out, sort of, why Xyperlinks were giving me trouble. U2 can't find
my Netscape.

My .REG setting is:

But that doesn't suffice. (None of the directories on that path are set to Read Only.)

Testing gives the following baffling results:

Executing CD to the path works--i.e.,

  CD C:\Progra~1\Netscape\Commun~1\Program\
does change the directory to the one that has netscape.exe in it (and a subsequent DIR netscape.exe finds it). But:

  DIR C:\Progra~1\Netscape\Commun~1\Program\netscape.exe

produces "File not found".

Even the following does:

  DIR C:\Progra~1\

Meanwhile the following brings up an empty directory:

  DIR C:\Progra~1

This clearly has to do with long file names, because the following works:

   DIR C:\text\
and that works the same with and without the trailing backslash. I get the same strange results with Progra~1 whether I type it in manually on the command line, or the C:\Progra~1 from the .REG file.

Harry Binswanger