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Re: getting past login


<3.55 to 3.58 isn't even an upgrade.>

Point well taken, It's an up-lurch, I reckon.

 (Nearly) quotidianly.

As long as there is still at least one person out there who knows 3
better than I (you know who you are, and many thanks), I am getting more
than my money's worth out of this forum. Realistically, both threebies
and fourblers are endangered species. Apart from a German graduate
student six months ago, when was the last time we signed on a new
recruit? The Catholic priesthood is recruiting faster than we are!

I need fast scrolling of very long files, and 3 does that faster than 4,
on my rig at least (maybe not on yours). 3 appears to manage memory
differently than 4; I did notice, actually, when I scrolled through the
same file as a test.

Anyway, thanks for the support on logins.


PS Thanks to Carl too for explaining what's going on behind the
curtain/under the hood.