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Re: NEC 6200/6300

The 5200 driver will work; however, there are some new fonts; some of the old
fonts are available in additional sizes; and there are some new attributes
(shadow and outline). I don't suppose the completely new fonts will be in much
demand as they are high speed fonts that you probably wouldn't use from a
wordprocessor. I suspect there will be some call for the new sizes, what
they've done is made all the fixed width fonts available in 10, 12, 15, 17, and
20 pitch where on the 5200 some were only available in 10 and 17. The shadow
and outline (and both) would be useful too. I can certainly add the attributes
but on course there is no standard mode command to use. Do you have any
thoughts about naming conventions? I tend to go with numbers like mode 31 since
they set the color and the type at the same time, but if you're going to be
adding modes for these features on other drivers I'd like to be consistent.