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Re: XPL insight: old news?

Yes, I thought Carl had responded to this several weeks ago as well.

Back to the question, though--if all you want to do is manipulate material stored on a Save/Get, simply execute the command "save %x" (where x is the a-z/0-9 save/get). The contents of the save/get will now exist as the file "x.sav". If you want to just edit the save/get without these intervening steps, you could easily write a macro that drops in the letter or number whose save/get you wish to "edit" (>); the macro could then do the save, and call it up for you. (BC sa %XC BC edit .sav) You could even have it delete the x.sav file after calling it to the screen (BC ernv .sav) if don't want your directory cluttered up with such things. Of course, you'd want to build in error trapping for if there was already a file open in the window (if you're using NW=0) or if all windows are full.

FWIW . . . unless I'm missing something in what you want to do.

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>>> "Bruce Middleton"  12/30/99 01:14AM >>>
>your assertion that "there is no function which will insert"
>a string loaded to a save/get... is patently wrong.

Carl: I will be properly startled and abashed if you point out a function
which does this. My own remedy for the supposed defect (a composite
function, which first changes the subroutine to a string and then invokes
GT) will then indeed be revealed as a misguided waste of time.

To be perfectly clear: suppose that you have loaded the macro "BC test
macro" to @A - and decide that you would like to revise it, or use it as a
template for a related function. PV and GT will both execute it - so how do
you get it into an editing window?