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Extract links from an HTML document - Exlinks.pm

Dear all,

Today I knocked up a small XPL program that finds hyperlinks in
an HTML document and writes an output file containing each
link's address and anchor name. It's pretty simple but it works,
so I thought I'd share it here.

I needed to extract the links from a large document at work,
where we use MS Word. Once the program was running, my
XyWriteless colleagues were astonished to say the least (at
XyWrite's power, not my coding skills!).

Instructions -- just call an HTML file and run the program (or
assign it to a Save/Get key and hit the key).

Briefly, it creates a new file ("new xky0kkgv.7qm") and flicks
between the two windows, searching for "" and "http://www.revolver.demon.co.uk/

Attachment: Exlinks.pm
Description: Binary data