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Re: Can I get full screen in windows 7 32 bit

 I agree, but it seems that in order to take advantage of the
 possibility of using Windows XP on some of the "newer" machines,
 one has to know a great deal more about the innards of the
 "newer" machines than many of us know. So, like it or not,
 we end up being the victims of developments.

 Fortunately, I have an older machine at the moment. But I dread
 the day when it goes on the blink, because I know that I'll likely
 not be able to configure a arrangement that will permit me to use
 XY4 with all of the ease I currently have, if I am able to use
 XY4 at all.

 M.W. Poirier

On Sun, 29 May 2011, J R FOX wrote:

--- On Sun, 5/29/11, M.W. Poirier  wrote:
   Like you I like Windows XP, but every
time I raise your question
   with someone in my entourage, I am told,
if you go back to Windows
   XP you will find that some pieces of
hardware in your machine will
   not work because they depend on the
latest OS.  Now, my question
   is:  Is this true?  It seems
reasonable to assume that it is.  And
   so maybe it is not a good idea to go back
to Windows XP?

   M.W. Poirier
I'm going to echo what Carl said about no direct experience
with this, but . . . I strongly suspect that the answer
depends on how recent your hardware is, and whether you _must_
have access to the latest stuff that comes on today's hardware,
such as USB3. (Personally, I'd much rather have eSATA, for
backup purposes, etc.) I'm not really sure what the dividing
line is, but let's say it could be something like 2009 models.
I just had a (proprietary design) power supply blow up, am
hoping it did not take the motherboard, video etc. along with
it, and in that case fully intend to repair this 2006 dual-core
system, which pretty much does everything that I need it to do.
In the meantime, I have purchased a used 2007 or 2008 model
from the same line, and may also get one that is a model year
later than that. With the models later than this from my
preferred manufacturer (the Shuttle "cube" PC line), I just do
not like a lot of the changes that have taken over. Even on
the 2006 model, I was already regretting that the PS/2
connectors went away, replaced by all-USB, which introduced
certain problems for me. The adapter I got to support the
Omni-102 keyboard that I **refuse** to give up works well for
_almost_ everything, including Xywrite, but there are a couple
of stubborn apps or circumstances for which it does not, and
they happen to be important, unfortunately.
(Those model years I mentioned are approximate, and could all be
+1.) But the point is that no one is forcing us to use the
"latest and greatest." Although XP dates back to 2001, and will
be get forced off a cliff by MS in their EOL scheme, many users
still find it preferable to what came later. Until the security
fixes get totally cut off, I am not planning to make any change.
After that happens, I'll reconsider. Even then, the option will
remain to continue using XP for the existing lineup of apps, and
just use something else for internet access, which is mainly
where the security factor comes in.