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Re: XyWr versions questions

Peter, here's a slightly modified copy of my original posting to this forum
regarding chronic problems with XyWrite for Windows. (I also sent a copy to one
of the Execs at TGG who have responded to questions posted here.)

1. I want to use the Windows method of text selection, but the program keeps
switching me back to the XyWrite method. About five weeks ago, tech support
acknowledged this as a known bug and promised to send me updated files that
would solve the problem. That was the last I heard from them, despite three
futile faxes in the meantime.

2. About three months ago, I was sent a copy of the then current xw.exe file.
Unfortunately, this file produces a "call to undefined dynalink" message.
Typically, this message occurs when the program that produces the message is
trying to access an outdated or misplaced .dll. Over the course of about two
months, I have sent three or four faxes to tech support and left several voice
messages, asking for help. That brings you up to date.

3. The widow and orphan commands do not work consistently. Trying to change the
default from two lines to four doesn't solve the problem. Instead, it causes
the program to display a large left margin in graphical view. Returning to the
default of two lines does not restore the previous on-screen margin. I know the
command to remove the margin, but it has no effect on the widow and orphan

4. Cut and copy actions capture only a single screen, and even then the capture
is not reliable. Hence, I must use another program to copy XyWrite text to the
clipboard. Overall, text selection is jumpy and slow.

5. Endnote display in graphical view is inconsistent. Sometimes, endnotes
disappear completely. I must close and reopen a file, frequently more than
once, to see endnotes displayed graphically. Line spacing between endnotes is
inconsistent and unrelated to menu commands or to commands issued from the
command line. Widow and orphan control in endnotes is hit-and-miss. It seems
that the problem I'm describing here relates to how XyWin puts endnotes into
frames. Because I am using XyWrite for composing and editing text, I need a
properly functioning endnote capability.

6. The manual refers to editing the log file. I have followed the manual's
recommended procedure, but cannot get the log to display text. I would like to
use more than one .dfl file (for instance, one for single spacing in 12 point
Arial, one for double spacing in 12 point Courier), but I don't know how to do
this, short of substituting different versions of xwset.dfl by hand. [Since
this posting, an individual on the forum told me how to run different .dfl's.]

7. Moving from regular to maximum view is cumbersome, but it works. Moving
back is another matter. Sometimes, my screen will freeze; at other times,
nothing happens. Once in a while, the procedure works fine.

8. As XyWrite for Windows is my first venture into the world of XyWrite, I
would like to have a complete list of commands and functions.

Other problems occur from time to time, but they are less significant than the
eight listed above.

I'm wondering how many of these problems are unique to XyWin. Though I'm quite
willing to learn the in's and out's of XyWrite, I really should concentrate on
learning how to use it better, instead of just trying to stay even. Perhaps I
be looking at XyWrite 4.x for DOS and biding my time until the next major
release of the Windows version? I'd certainly consider this option, provided
that the DOS program runs serviceably under Windows.