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Re: XyWr versions questions


PMJI, but I'm a long-time XyWrite user who would like to see it stay in
business, too. XyWin is unstable, in my experience, with a lot of bugs,
including difficulties with going in and out of full screen view. I highly
recommend XyWrite 4.0 for DOS, however, if you happen to like the
command-oriented structure of the program--as most old XyWrite fans do.

In answer to one of your questions, XyWrite 3+ doesn't have a graphic mode, but
4.0 does. It also has a lot of menus that you can use for functions that you
don't need often, and the commands for which you haven't memorized. I think
you'll like 4.0 a lot, and, like you, I hope a better Windows version comes
along soon.