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Xywrite for Windows

No one in the list responded to my question about SH or AK in XyWrite for Windows, so I guess those features are not widely used, or most XPL fans haven't switched to XW. I have found a partial workaround.

In continuing my transition from XyWrite to XyWrite for Windows. I have encountered several other
problems to which you might have solutions

1. VA$RS no longer exists. It used to return the character under the cursor. Is there any other
way to do with without using the define function?

2. VA$CY no longer returns the row position relative to top of viewable text.

3. the @ sign is no longer accepted in dialog boxes. The is easily corrected by substituting
explicit length.

4. the /nv option (no validate) is often not honored.

5. Under Windows95, a click on the XyWrite symbol on the minimized window bar does not restore the
full window. (it needs a right button click and then select)

Is there a list somewhere of such changes between Xy and XW?

If not, where should I put my list as it evolves?

Is it worth reporting such issues to TTG? If so, is any particular person more helpful or

Happy New Years

Stephen Shaw