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Re: Xywrite for Windows

Stephen Shaw:

You may find a couple of files useful:

XWCOMP is my superficial comparison of XY 4.017 and XW 4.012. It is a
text file, and can be ordered from the list server by email.

XYFUNC.ZIP is a group of files from XY Tech Support that describe
undocumented functions, workarounds, etc. It is a binary ZIP file,
and can be downloaded via anonymous FTP from the pub/eaan directory of

If you discover anything missing from the first, send me a note and I
can incorporate it.

Normally XY Tech Support (and often Kenneth Frank, CEO of TG) read
postings to this list. We are not, however, affiliated in any way.

Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-3325