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Re: Using XyWrite file in Word and saving as text document


Problem solved! More investigation showed that it didn't find kmd.exe.
I don't have kmd.exe. I had tried changing the U2's call to that to call cmd.exe, but I must have done something wrong (a typo, probably).
At any rate, now using cmd.exe works! I assume I can continue to use cmd
instead of kmd. Any reason to get kmd.exe? I used it when I had Win98, but
since I now have an XP computer I saw no reason to copy kmd.exe over to the
new computer.
I'd suggest adding the kmd.exe issue to the .INF file presuppositions under
SA/RTF (and elsewhere? I guess I should either download kmd.exe or CH
/kmd.exe/cmd.exe throughout the U2).

Thanks, and sorry for this problem.

Harry Binswanger