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RE: starting XyWin in minimal mode

 I'd try hard to reduce the number of your fonts. What
caused XyWin to gag is hardly likely to be harmless elsewhere.

While it is true that large numbers of fonts increase
load times for all programs, I know of no other
Windows program that is so sensitive to the
number of fonts installed as XyWin (which, by the
way, I call a version 1 program because version
'4.0' was in fact the first version). I think I found
the possible maximum to be around 250, which
isn't that much today if you consider that some
families contain 6, 8 or more weights. The THESIS
family alone contains I think 188 weights. Be that
as it may, surely the reason we cling to XyWrite
is that it works so reliably -- I never had that
feeling with XyWin. I hope Nota Bene will
eventually succeed in making the code base
as stable as the DOS code while perhaps
improving composition somewhat. Am I
the only one to think that XyWrite with GUI
has the potential to become, without that
much work, an attractive book composition