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Re: starting XyWin in minimal mode

I must second the motion that not only is Ken
mythical, but I've come to believe the whole of
TTG is also mythical. I wrote them an E-Mail
about a month ago and haven't received even an
 Between XYWIN and NB, I also will stay with the
known problems of XY (although I wish we had more
support) rather than the unknown of NB.
Dick Giering

"Yo Intl." wrote:
> >Well, XyWin is currently version 4.13, but the mythical Kenneth Frank can
> >best tell us about the forthcoming version 5 (a/k/a SmartWords).
> >Regards,
> >Paul Ambos
> I thought Ken Frank is not mythical -- SmartWords is.
> -- Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo