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Re: Laptop Keyboard solution.

Jay McNally wrote:

> However, I need to buy a laptop for my daughter, a college sophomore. We've
> been asking around about the best model to purchase and are getting a
> variety of opinions.
> There seems to be UNIVERSAL distain for Dell. IT people in particular
> usually to hate Dell, always citing their service arrangements are a
> nightmare.
> Toshiba and Gateway seem to have the fewest detractors.
> Do folks on this list have any strong recommendations?

I've bought a few items from Dell, but plan to greatly limit my future purchases
there. Like a great many other companies (which I also now don't like, for
similar reasons) they have very extensively outsourced their Customer Service
and Tech Support to places like India. I am tired of talking to someone that
far away, over an often poor connection, who *seems* to speak English but
doesn't understand you or vice-versa, and who often does not really know the
product(s) or what he / she is talking about. Complete waste of time, and quite
frustrating. True, I've talked to my fair share of useless homegrown personnel
in those departments, over the years, but then at least someone *here* was
earning a paycheck and contributing something to our economy, so I'll choose
that over the other any day.