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Re: Keyboard file; Save/Gets

>Harmon had trouble with quotation marks. That's because of a mistake in the
>ENHANCE.KBD file. Go to 40=&q and comment it out. Uncomment the line 40=".
> There are two instances of this in the file. I had been loading a program

  Yup -- that fixes the quotes -- I didn't realize until after
I posted that the F2 key had nothing to do with it, quotes just
plain didn't work.

>Also, if you want more ready access to Save/Gets, put the function call SG on
>a key (mine is on CTRL+ALT+SHIFT F2). When you activate it, you get just a
>prompt to press a key to insert (or run) the macro. No dialog box. Xy4, to
>my knowledge, doesn't support the old III+ style S/Gs that you could activate
>with just an ALT+key. You could create a table of them in the keyboard file,
>I suppose, with @x on each key (where x is a particular keycap designation).

  Well, my F2 key did the same thing as the old Alt+key in XY3,
it was just F2+key. Maybe I'll trade them around in the
enhanced.kbd -- put your new stuff on the Crtl+Alt+Shift+F2 and
restore the SG to the F2 key.

-- Harmon Seaver hseaver@xxxxxxxx

hoka hey!

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