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Re: Interested in possibly buying XyWrite: a few questions.

>                         Michael Edwards.
>   Greetings to all. I've just joined the list, and this posting is
>partly a
>test to see if it works, and I'm doing it correctly.
>   I've joined because I am interested in possibly buying XyWrite,


>   I'm interested in XyWrite because I've heard it described as "the best
>word-processor in existence"

It is! But it is rather different from other programs on the market, so if
you are not used to command lines and editable file formats, you might not
see the advantages immediately. It does have a rather long learning curve.
Once you are over that, you'll be unable to avoid smiling when you hear
"Word" users lament their ridiculous problems.

>   It seems the program is still available, although I've believed for a few
>years it wasn't, and regretted that I had apparently missed it. Are the
>DOS and
>Windows versions both still available? What version numbers in each are

4.11 for DOS and 4.12 for Windows or something like that.
TTGRP.com will be happy to to take your mailorder.

>   How would I obtain the program?
TTG.com will be happy to to take your mailorder.

>   Are file formats compatible between both versions?
Yes! And also compatible with NotaBene, which you'll find mentioned here often.

>   What is the maximum document size? Is there provision for "master
I believe the programs start complaining once you go over 4 MB. Note that
XY files are infinitely smaller than "Word" files.

>   Would there be any way of reliably converting MultiMate files to XyWrite
I think the filter list includes MultiMate. If not, can MM "save as" in
another format?

-- Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo