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Big font for Xy4 Win

Many times in this list appeared requests and suggestions on how to obtain
big and well readable characters on Xy4 Win in Page/Line or Draft view.
Here are what happens to me.
I use Win95, not Win98 or Win2000, so I don't know if what I will say is
applicable outside Win95.
About one month ago I changed the computer I use on my home.
I spent some days in setting it for my exigences, and finally I set the
screen for 800x600 (instead of the original 640x480) and "big characters"
(125%, 120 dpi). What happened since that day is that sometimes Xy4 Win
uses (in page-line view) very nice fonts, large and well readable. But some
times, not always. I tried to track when it should happen, to reproduce the
situation. But until yesterday, no success at all, so I continued to pay
the maximum attention to understand what is causing the phenomenon.
Yesterday the solution, which follows.
I have to open the Internet Mail (the mail utility built into Explorer) and
"save as" one of the mail files. Better: it's not necessary to "really"
save the file: choosing "File, Save as" and then exiting the menu is
After this has been done, Xy4 Win will change its default draft font. The
result is immediately visible also on the command line.
If Xy4 Win is active before to open Internet Mail, exiting Internet Mail
(after having dummy-saved one file) is causing Xy4 Win to use another, and
bigger, font, so big that it's not possible to see the complete characters
on the command line and, in draft view or in a DIR window, the lines of
text are under-spaced for this very big font so having the lines
overlapping themselves. In this case, exiting and re-entering Xy is enough
to solve the problem and gain the nice font.
Today I did the same in my office. The screen has been set with the same
parameters as above. The mail program, however, is Outlook Express. Well:
the result has been exactly the same. Activate Outlook Express, save one
mailed file, exit Outlook Express, activate Xy4 Win: big characters take
the place of the small ones.
I don't know why this happens, but I'm very happy it happens.
Note. XyWin, if open before to do the operations of the above, must be in
wysiwyg view, not in draft or page-line.
I hope this can be useful for the people of the list.

Adriano Ortile