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Re: Grrr [OS2 and XY install]

On Wed, 09 Aug 95 13:28:08 EDT, campbelc@xxxxxxxx (Carter Campbell) wrote:
> August 9, 1995
> In many ways, I hope this is not true, as this will be the second OS
> that was pulled out from under me, the first was DR DOS. If OS/2 does
> go, I will probably have to start looking closely at Lynix, as there
> is no damn way I am going back to MS anything.

  I sincerely doubt that it is -- mostly just more MS agit-prop BS.
For one thing, the New York Times is well into anti-OS/2 slams, they did
this same thing when Warp came out, written by the same cretin that did
Gates' biography. Their senior editor started getting thousands of
pieces of e-mail castigating him for publishing such garbage, including
from your's truly -- the dude was dumb enough to try to personally
respond to all of them -- don't know how far he got. I'm sure he'll be
deluged again. But who would believe anything the NYT has to say about
computers anyway? Newspapers constantly astound me with the clueless
articles they publish about computers, the net, etc. I know middle school
kids who know more about computers than the writers of those pieces.
  Anyway, you should start looking at Linux -- it's one of the most
elegant operating systems around, and advancing technically at a most
prodigious rate due to the fact that it's a work of love owing nothing
to any corporate entity. No market driven anything here -- and if you
think OS/2 users are fanatical, look here! But it is definitely not
for the faint of heart -- those who whine and whimper about tough Warp
installs don't have a hope of getting Linux up and running. Solaris,
yes, that's easy -- and it's beautiful, wonderful, but it costs $700
and needs a minimum of 200meg HD space, prefers 500meg. And 16meg RAM.
I'll take Linux, especially now that it has been ported to the PPC.
So if OS/2 does die, that's a real shame, but it sure doesn't mean
having to run puke programs on your machine.
We don't need no stinkin' windoz95, we got Xwindows. 8-)

Harmon Seaver

All is impermanent -- and this too shall pass away.