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Re: Grrr [OS2 and XY install]

"Actually Annie, if you bop on over to the news group comp.os.os2.advocacy
you will find a war raging across the netscape on this very topic. [ ... ]"

Carter: I leave the study of pathology to specialists. For news, I consult
credible sources. ... Happily, nobody pulled DR DOS from under *me*. When I
have tech questions (as I did recently when converting a debug script to
DRI's counterpart, sid), Novell never lets me down. I returned ND7 after a
whirlwind trial. I've no patience with flaky OSes, guis, or apps, and no
taste for faddish software. I find DR DOS 6 (March '93) as stable and
reliable as ever for dos activities and as a Windows 3.1 host. 	--A

========================== annie fisher  nyc