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Re: Win95 draft font [1]

Daniel Say:

The XyWrite list has nothing to do with WWW, so NetScape is
unnecessary. Just send a message to LSTSRV@xxxxxxxx
containing nothing but the line subscribe xywrite

By the way, after getting Netscape 1.1 to work, I downloaded and
upgraded to v. 2.0b. It goes directly to my university's home
page, which, after the dowloading is over, at a speed much slower
than in v. 1, remains blank. Some other pages I tried worked,
but as I moved down from one screen to the next, each overwrote
the one before, making a mess of the screen. The speed remained
equally slow. I would be grateful if anyone who recognizes these
symptoms and knows what to do about them could contact me
privately. Is v. 2.0b so slow because it's a beta? I have
zapped it and reinstalled v. 1.1, and have no problem with speed.

-- Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-3325