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Re: Win95 draft font [1]

>From manove@xxxxxxxx Wed Nov 15 06:40 PST 1995
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 06:40:10 -0800
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From: Michael Manove 
Subject: Re: Win95 draft font (fwd)
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>" I've had the exact same problem. But calling up explorer,
shifting >" directories, then closing it always works for me. I
have no idea why >" this works. Also, make sure your display
properties are set to large >" fonts. I seem to recall that
XyWin looks for a certain font before it >" looks for an OEM
font, and apparently it can't find what it needs in >" Win95.
Any thoughts from TTG?
>" Thanks for your response. In the meanwhile, I've come upon
several solutions. One is to delete both vgaoem.fon and
dosapp.fon from the
\windows\fonts directory.  This is easier said than done--you
need to go into command-line mode, use attrib to get ride of the
hidden and system attributes, and then delect them or move them
to another directory. But beware: if you then try to boot in
640x480 vga mode, you get a message "must reload windows" without

The other way is to leave vgaoem.fon alone, but use the registry
editor, search for all items containing "oem.fon", delete every
one of them, and then reboot. That seems to work as well.

By the way, I use netscape 2.0b but I don't know how to join the
xywrite list. Can you tell me? Thanks

--Michael Manove

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