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   I touted to someone here a program I wrote to format XyWrite files with 
carriage returns at a margin specified at tun-time...
   Program worked fine for my needs, almost always small files. But I tried it 
recently when I wanted to reformat and print a long DOC for some software and I
learned the program's limitations.
   The updated program is now in the files section in EMAILXY.ZIP.  It handles 
a number of errors better, defaulting to a margin of 65 characters and parsing 
the command line so it doesn't try to use a non-numerical parameter to set the 
margin (resulting in a mess of 1 or 2-character lines).  Also included is 
UNFORMAT, a standalone program to strip the formatting and mode commands from a
file for export to another program, without adding CRs (as EMAIL does).
   If it doesn't work for you, please complain.
   -- Jim