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RE: Grrrr.....

Thank you, Kevin. I wound up reinstalling the whole works onto a
network drive, then copying all the filters onto my hard drive.

I'm not sure this is the place, but I would like to point out a
few more glitches I have found in XyWin 4.12:

Under Advanced Preferences Type Size-Scalable Fonts menu:
choosing "Add" gives a "Cannot compare number to string
{PV10}=={PV03}" error

When opening a new file with the menu bar (or button), and if it
is the first time you have accessed that drive, clicking on ".."
to go up one directory level gives a "Path not found:
drive:\filename (whatever file is the most recent in the current
directory is named)". To move up one directory level using the
mouse requires clicking on the drive letter first. Once that is
done once, the error does not seem to resurface in that session.
This bug dates at least from 4.11.

My graphic view sometimes cuts of the ends of words. Typically it
is the right half of the last character on the line that is
lost, despite the space afforded by a 1-inch right margin. The
cutoff happens at all zoom values. Oddly I have only noticed
this on my machine at work. Could this be driver-related?

Doug Beeson
From: nsivin
To: xywrite list
Subject: Grrrr.....
Date: May 1, 1995 13:12

Of course, these things always happen on a Friday evening at ten
til 5. If you are not already unstuck, the file names you want are: W4W44F.DLL, W4W44T.DLL
(Word for Windows 2.0 Import and Export) and W4W07F.DLL, W4W07T.DLL
(WordPerfect 5.0 Import and Export). As a side note, you can use
wild card characters in the installation, W4W*.* extracts all of the filters.
We have suggested changes to the installation routine to
development in the past, I'll mention it again today to them.
Kevin Duval