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I've been a loyal and supportive Xywriter since 1980. I've betatested it,
recommended it, contributed to its macro world, and have been
(relatively) happily running it under OS/2. I even accepted the market
decision not to market an OS/2 version. (an existing OS/2 version,
albeit OEM--why don't you send it to me anyway?).
So I send you $15 for a bugfix; version 4.017. What arrives? 4
diskettes with that same old cockamanie install program in a proprietary
encoding. Worse yet it is the lamest install I've seen in years. First
you warn me to back up my user files like .spl and .int etc. Why? If
you know the relevant extensions DON'T overwrite them! Or ask me
during install. But the best part is that the install program won't run if I
have my cdrom installed. So, I have to go rummage up some dusty
DOS boot disk (like maybe I have one). This is VERY irritating.
I don't want your lousy install; I don't want to reboot my whole system
which has been running just fine for weeks. Did you never hear of ZIP?
I want my money back.


David Auerbach                            auerbach@xxxxxxxx
Department of Philosophy & Religion
NCSU     Box 8103
Raleigh, NC 27695-8103