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Re: Keyboards

On Thu, 29 Jan 1998, Phil Smith wrote:

> The keyboard thread seems to have concluded that there are no more
> left-hand-function-key keyboards on the market. Has Gateway 2000 quit
> making/distributing their Anykey keyboard?


As I think I mentioned on this list a couple of months ago, Gateway is
still distributing the Anykey, at least for now--but there are rumblings
that they may cease production on the model that includes the two sets of
function keys. If so, the lefthand F keys will be history. The real
glitch, though, is that they'll only sell a separate keyboard to a
registered Gateway customer (i.e., someone who owns or is buying a Gateway
computer); I got mine through a work colleague's brother-in-law.

I use the Anykey on my home computer, and it's the best thing next to a
real Northgate Omnikey that I've yet found. The positions of Ctrl, Alt,
Caps Lock, and a few other keys differ from the Omnikey, but they were
easily reprogrammed (I just can't look at the keys when I'm typing now, or
I get confused). The touch is completely different from the
Northgate--it's a very "soft" keyboard, and I miss the tactile clicks.

I'd be interested in the Avant Stellar, which looks very good on their Web
site, but the price does seem a bit steep right now. (For comparison, the
Anykey sells for $49.95 if you can get hold of one.) If the old Northgate
keyboard I've been nursing along at work dies suddenly, though, I'll
probably change my tune.

Pam Upton
Univ. of N.C. Press