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Re: Floppy disc images

Hi Jordan,

Please forgive the delay--mainly just irrelevant pressures, but also stuff about
which I'm very embarrassed.

I looked for my external 5-1/4" drive, couldn't find it, and finally remembered I'd
loaned it to a friend.  The friend says *he* has also misplaced it--says it connected
by a parallel port, he thinks (but says maybe serial?).  I have urged him please
to find it--I have no current need for it, but I'd like myself to know what it is.
In the meantime, I am really sorry and very embarrassed to have spread
misinformation!  And I'll follow up if--as I fervently hope!--I get information to
follow up with!
With regrets--

On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 1:25 PM J R FOX mailto:jr_fox@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi David,

This is mainly a matter of curiosity, but the only item fitting this description
I've managed to find so far is


and the Q&A says that it's either Out of Stock, or not actually an *external USB* FDD.

And then there was this ridiculously priced one


for which it says "Can't be connected to a modern computer."  (Mitsumi was a decent
brand, per my recollection.)

So, I'm still seeking proof of this mythical (?) beast.

I have an old tower rig in storage that has two internal FDDs, covering both floppy
types.  I was going to disassemble it and give most of it to electronic recycling. 
But the system still booted up when last I tested it a year or so ago, and it does have
controller support for a now mostly gone type of HDD.  So maybe I'll just hold onto it ?


On Wed, 11/14/18, David Rosenthal mailto:davidrosenthal1@xxxxxxxx wrote:

 Subject: Re: Floppy disc images
 To: xywrite@xxxxxxxx
 Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 12:48 PM

 Hi Jordan,
 I have a 5-1/4 inch external floppy
 drive; they have a Dell version on Amazon (though not many left).