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Re: URGENT--features for "XyWrite 5," replies needed

Harry, sorry for the late reply, but first of all congratulations for 
bringing this forward, I really didn't think you could! But you have! 
The other thing is, I have at the moment no money whatever, but you 
can count me in for the minimum of a hundred.

My feature requests are probably too arcane and difficult to make a pass at all. I would like three typesetting features:

1. better leading
2. tracking and kerning
3. full support of OpenType variants

Full OpenType support is a particularly hard task: Even apps from Adobe and Microsoft have lagged. So it is a bit much to expect that from XyWrite.

And yet . . . . . I have always thought XyWrite would make a great basis for a lean and mean page layout/editing programme . . . . . and I know that thought has at times crossed Anne's mind.

Basically, I am resigned to preparing text for MS Word, Quark or InDesign when I need advanced font features. To be honest, I am really happy with XyWrite 4 the way it is, with vDos. But then my demands on the programme get simpler by the day. What a reliable second self it has been all these years! There are very few cats or dogs I would exchange for XyWrite, and there are no humans. - - B