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Re: XyWr versions questions


I assume Kenny Frank has answered your questions about fonts. I, too, use
Windows True Type when using XyWin.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "CUA method of text selection." If you mean
defining or selecting text blocks for moving, copying, etc., XyW 4.0 is better
than Word for Windows or any other Windows application I can think of. As a
writing and editing tool, XyWrite is the fastest and best. It would be the best
in Windows, too, if it weren't for some basic incompatabilities that lead to
GPFs, and poorly designed features like envelope printing. They still have a
way to go before they have a product that can compete with Word in terms of
office applications, I guess. But since I'm a writer, not a secretary, it
doesn't matter to me.

In general, I would recommend that you get XyW 4.0 and use it in the Windows
envrironment, and hope that an improved XyWin will come along. I heard a rumor
that a major upgrade is in the works for later this year.