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Re: XyWr versions questions

Matt, Thanks for your comments and suggestions re: XyWrite for DOS. My
interest, like yours, is to have a good piece of software for writing and
editing. The lack of a sound envelope printing facility doesn't bother me.
WinWord is very capable with short pieces such as letters and memos, as well as
material with graphics. Its text functions ought to be superb; all the
elements are there -- to name a few: draft font wrapping to screen width, slick
footnote and endnote features, quick switching between single and double
spacing with a simple macro, quick switching between black on white and white
on blue, quick switching to and from a clean screen. I can't put my finger on
why WinWord is so clunky as a text and editing tool. Perhaps it's a case of
all those features getting in the way. But, gauging from your opinion and
others', it sounds like XyWrite and I might be a good match.