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Re: Labels and other "Panel" formats

Phil: It is true that one social benefit of advancing technology is the
democratization of operation, but in the case of automobiles, careful
maintenance and routine adjustments, replacement of worn parts, leaves
you with something you may continue to use because the streets, driveways
and highways are currently neutral about the type and age of car driven
on them; I drove a 1950 Dodge around for three years in graduate school
without a hitch, other than shifting the electrical system from 6 to 12
volts; with PCs, the problem is that careful use of the equipment is
negated by a "reinvention of the highway" that demands only the newest
gear made specifically for the latest trends and often deliberately
designed so that older material, software, will not run on it; yes,
many secretaries can use WINDOWS based software right out of the box and
not have to learn anything about how a computer works, but the savings in
a short training or learning curve are lost by having to junk old
equipment, old software, calling in experts to fix relatively minor
problems; I have watched it happen time and time again; notice the
penultimate delusion on STAR TREK, all problems known in the universe,
and all future problems can be solved by a resort to technology,
leading logically to the BORG, though the regular earthy guys and gals
hate and despise them because they know it means a loss of
individuality; the accelerating technology's road to hell; paved with
many good intentions, by the way, James B. McSwain, Tuskegee University