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Re: can anyone suggest a good program for running a web page?

Andy wrote:
Can anyone suggest a good program to manage a web page?
I'm not sure what you mean by "manage." Perhaps you'd be happy with
FTPEditor, which I use to have an Explorer-like interface to transfer files
back and forth to a remote server. It also has a simple inbuilt editor, so
if you are mucking with the HTML code, you can do that as if you were
working on your local machine. Go to FTPEditor.com.
also a problem -- the website server is a unix machine that won't recognize upper case file names, and xywrite uses only upper case file names. Can anyone suggest a fix for that?
I think you're mistaken. Unix is case-sensitive, rather than "not
recognizing" upper case. So if your file is FOOBAR.HTM you need to access
it on the web as FOOBAR.HTM (not, e.g., Foobar.htm or foobar.htm). In any
event, you can just rename the file on the server from FOOBAR.HTM to
foobar.htm. I rename files on the remote server all the time using FTPEditor.
If you are using a vanilla FTP program (such as that built in to Windows)
just specify the filename in the PUT command:

put FOOBAR.HTM foobar.htm

Hope this helps.

Harry Binswanger