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1980 Date in DIR List for XY3+

On 5-JAN-1996 21:37:08.9 xywrite said to LESLIE319
  >Thanks for all interest in the 1980-date bug problem. I've decided to
  >compile a list of the problem versions. The posting from Technology
  >Group appears close, but it not correct. Problem is NOT confined to
  >versions ``prior to 3.52'' and not everything prior to that version
  >has the problem.
  >Seaver reports         3.12 is OK.
  >????              ??
  >Sioles; OKAnnie         3.52 is OK (1987)
  >Pienciak            3.53 BUG (1988)
  >Ed Cray         3.54 BUG (1988)
  >????              3.55 ????????
  >OKAnnie         3.56 is OK
  >OKAnnie; Douglas Beeson 3.57 is OK
  >Anyone using anything between 3.12 and 3.52?
  >Anyone using 3.55?
  >Awaiting email from others who have the problem but did not specify
  >version they are using.
  >Is the bug in EDITOR.EXE or keyboard file or printer file or elsewhere?

  I confirm that 3.57's ok.

  --Leslie Bialler--

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