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Re: 1980 Date in DIR list for XY3+: PART 2

On 5-JAN-1996 11:26:46.4 xywrite said to LESLIE319
  >I have, OTOH, experienced strange time readings on the XY4 header --
  >under DOS and Warp -- which would then change suddenly for the correct
  >time. Maybe XY has some internal clock/calendar which weirds out
  >Harmon Seaver

  I have experienced the same problem as Harmon. Sometimes if you run a
long XPL program (for example, stripping out embedded footnotes from a file
and dumping them in a file of their own), the clock will, I believe, stop
while the program is running, only to pick up again after it ends, but with
the wrong time. If, however, you just shell to DOS and return to XyWrite
the problem seems to resolve itself. So, of course, does quitting the
program and then reentering it. The same thing occurs under DOS 6.22 and
Windows 95.

--Leslie Bialler--
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