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  You're assumptions about the Macrodiag commands are correct. The ?m or ?h
switch will just point out to which file (Menu or Help) to look for the
keyword. The S/G values are global and the asterisk numbers are special S/G's
used internal to the editor. Mostly used in HP situations. These values are
only accessible through MacroDiag or through a self developed MeNu file similar
to Macrodiag. The Menu's can use ?sg inside of a list box which will display
all current values of system S/G's. ?sg is available only in Type K Help frame
List boxes.

 Thanks for the "Copy Nul Temp.tmp", Silly me. I've tested it on my machine
and go the same results. I am going to consult our development team to find
out the rules for Apfil.

The "Standard" font is simply a copy of the internal courier font and it does
exist in all factory issued PRN files. To maximize your text on screen, use
default values of ≪UFStandard≫≪SZ12pt≫. That command is the same as a null
PT. The commands you have tried to perform this task are correct. There is a
default which may be useful to you in WYSIWYG. The default SI (Screen
Resolution) can be adjusted to fit your needs. I determined my SI value by
taking what Sig defaulted me to , then taking the values displayed when I
commented out the Default SI in the Settings.dfl file, and going halfway
between. The SI parameters are h,v where h is the horizontal resolution and v
is the vertical resolution. That will give you a full WYSIWYG screen. Let me
know how it comes out.