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Re: XyWrite/Windows XPL

>> So much for old-fashioned brand loyalty.
> Uh, Bob, I need to jump in here to Tyson's defense.

> The origins of the term "free lance" date from the mercenaries
> who fought in the crusades . . . and it's more true today than most
> people realize. If you're a free lance writer, you have to be mercenary.
> You can't afford brand loyalty if you want to eat.

My aside was very mild. Brand loyalty was a euphemistic way of touching on
honesty, taste, forthrightness. I like Herb. But I still think his act is
damned peculiar, and -- as you noticed -- I don't mind saying so.
Enthusiastically promoting three competetive products is nothing to be
particularly proud of. It verges on insincerity; might even be
meretricious. But you go significantly further. I'm a professional writer
too. I think it's appalling, and completely untrue, to say that one can't
afford ethics and probity if one wishes to eat; that one's tongue and
conscience are, and today must be, hired weapons. Rubbish.

Robert Holmgren