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v3-4 dual use gotcha

Yikes. I just experienced a nasty gotcha that could affect anyone with one
foot in xyDos 3, the other in 4, involving my fave bete noire, the xyW eof

I started a new file in xyDos 4, appended several chunks of text to it,
switched then to v3 to run an xpl program I haven't ported. In v3 I appended
more text to the file. When I opened it, none of the text added in v3 was
displayed although the dir listing file size indicated that it was present.
Knowing at once that v4 had left an eof that v3 didn't recognize as such, I
aborted, quit v3, loaded v4, and sure enough there on the screen was the "1"
that v4 makes of 1As, then all the v3 added text. If I'd saved the file in
v3, the undisplayed text would have been zapped. I deleted the 1 in v4,
stored file, switched back to v3, and the entire file displayed.

My xyDos 4 df 1A is set at 1 to neutralize such midfile eofs, and I'd guess
that this has something to do with the misbehavior. Beware! My solution is a
new kludge: add code to related .kbd entries and xpl files that sets df 1A=0
during saves, df 1A=1 when opening a file. Haven't tried using the fixes yet.

========================== annie fisher  nyc