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belated thanks & a path query

 What with the holidays and making money, I never got around to thanking Peter Evans, Nancy F, Laurie Gorton, Bill Troop and Robert Woods for responding to my query about my disappearing dict.spl, which, in defiance of page 3-74 in the manual, refused to load on two recent huge jobs.

 Probably terrified of this list, the beast came back almost the moment I complained.

 But, with two huge back-to-back jobs on the horizon, I will keep Troop's and Nancy F's advice taped
to the wall just in case.

 Now, a further query on the path issue for Peter Evans, who says my autoexec.bat should read:


 What my autoexec.bat actually says is:

rem  *** DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! ***
rem  This file was created by the System Configuration Utility as
rem  a placeholder for your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Your actual
rem  AUTOEXEC.BAT file has been saved under the name AUTOEXEC.TSH.

NOTE: The Norton notation is new as of last night, when I downloaded AntiVirus 2000.

 What autoexec.tsh says is:

 REM [Header]

 REM [CD-ROM Drive]

 REM [Miscellaneous]


NOTE: WINDOWS.000 showed up during the summer, when I did an uninstall/reinstall. WINDOWS.000
contains one folder, AOLshare, which is empty. I no longer use AOL.

My query to Peter: could the two references to WINDOWS.000 be causing dict.spl not to load (which
never happened before the uninstall/reinstall)? Can I delete the two references to WINDOWS.000, or
is this a question for Microsoft?

Many thanks
Judith Davidsen