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Re: Xywrite III+ technical question

On 11/09/95 at 10:49 AM,
  Elinor Levine  said:

>I am working on a manuscript and the copyeditor wants the
footnote number >not to be raised above the line, both in the
text, and at the place the >footnotes get printed out. He also
wants a period after each footnote at >the place it gets printed
out, but I think this is not possible.

>Can you help and let me know how to get the footnote number
flush with the >line of text?

It's been a while since III+, so I hope I'm not conflating this
with 4. But, I am virtually certain you can do what you need to.
 The period after the footnote number I used to do all the time
when printing endnotes: in the printer file have a line: MD FN<.

(which "means" when leaving printing the footnote number put a
period and two spaces)

I forget if III+ automatically and unchangably uses the
superscript printer info for footnote numbers. But if it does,
just go into the printer file again and change the MD SU entries
to do nothing.  (If you have stuff that you DO need to
superscript then move the codes for superscripting over to MD RV
and change all the MDSUs in your text file to MDRVs.

I'm sure there are III+ mavens here for whom all this is still
fresh in mind.


David Auerbach
Department of Philosophy & Religion
Box 8103
Raleigh, 27695-8103